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Netherlands American Society of Southern California

The aim and purpose of the Netherlands American Society of Southern California (NAS), a Dutch social club, is to provide a social environment for persons of Dutch descent or persons who have an
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active interest in the Netherlands, in order to communicate with one another on a regular basis about their common heritage and or interest. Read more about the Netherlands American Society.
  • NAS LEIDENS ONTZET CELEBRATION Saturday, October 3, 2015
  • NAS SINTERKLAAS PARTY Saturday, December 5, 2015
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DUTCH LANGUAGE CLASSES FOR CHILDREN Dutch School of Southern California offers classes in Dutch Language and Culture, to children from 4-14 years old, absolute beginners or already fluent in Dutch. Find out more...
NAS Member Laura Ligthart is Director of Dutch School of Southern California.
Challenges Foundation is a sailing program for veterans, the disabled and underprivileged. Donations are gratefully appreciated. Check out the full story...
NAS members Inge Hobo-Scheinfarb and David Scheinfarb are the Board of Directors.
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EF High School Exchange Year is in immediate need of several families willing to host international exchange students who will be attending school in Southern California. In particular, they are looking for a host family in Ventura, CA to host Susanne from the Netherlands. Susanne is social, enjoys reading and going to the movies. She describes herself as spontaneous and outgoing.
An exchange student is like a son or daughter to you, they help with household chores, attend school and share their culture with you while learning about your culture.
This is an excellent opportunity to share your home, community, and America!
The deadline to apply is 24 July, 2015. Please contact Alexandra Williams, for more information: 805-699-6479 or
EF has just created a wonderful video presentation of a student who just finished his year in Riverside, and he has had an amazing time!! Check out his video "CALIFORNIA DREAMING".
- Posted 14 July 2015
Appen is a language technology solutions and consulting firm, recognized as a global leader in the quality, range and caliber of its expertise, and is currently looking for a highly skilled Dutch linguist.
The candidate must be a Dutch native speaker with a degree in Linguistics or have relevant experience. Linguistic skills should be geared towards syntax, semantics, phonology and phonetics. Job location is in the San Francisco Bay area.
For full job description and to apply, follow this link.
Appen is focused on helping their clients reach international markets by leveraging their expertise in over 150 languages and dialects. Their clients are among the world's top internet search engine and voice recognition providers.
For more information visit
  - Posted 18 June 2015
100 Dutch-Language Poems Holland Park Press is delighted to announce the publication of 100 Dutch-Language Poems - From the Medieval Period to the Present Day.
For the poetry lover it is a comprehensive introduction to poetry from the Low Countries and provides a wonderful insight into the themes and issues that influenced generations of poets. The Dutch language and English translations are presented side by side making it also a great resource for literature and language students and scholars.
100 Dutch-Language Poems, ISBN 9781907320491, £12.99, €15.00, $21.00, will be published by Holland Park Press on 17 September, 2015, and review copies will be available in July. The book will be distributed in the USA by SPD.
Read more about the book...
  - Posted 4 May 2015
Papa's War On May 5, Dutch people the world over will celebrate the 70th anniversary of their country's liberation from the German occupation.
A recently published book: Papa’s War: From the London Blitz to the Liberation of Holland by Thérèse van Houten, available on, presents an eyewitness account of the gradual liberation of The Netherlands.
Kirkus Review describes it as "both an informative and affecting tale. A depiction of the horrors of the second world war...She (the author) pieces together letters between her mother and father, along with their diary entries, which were written while the conflict separated them..."
  - Posted 4 May 2015
International Student Exchange (ISE) is seeking an immediate voluntary host family in California for Dutch exchange student Tycho for the 2015-2016 school year. Tycho speaks five languages plus English, will be in the 12th grade and enjoys science, physics, soccer and art.
For more info, contact Sandy Couch: 323-466-2672 or
Visit for additional information about ISE services.
- Posted 14 March 2015
DesertedIn March, World Visuals Films with director Niels Bourgonje and screenwriter Paul Bontenbal will be making the exciting short film Deserted in the Los Angeles area. Deserted is about a man who is lost and exhausted in the desert. After finding a bottle of water, he fights the temptation to drink any. Throughout the film it is revealed how the man has been trapped in this situation and what the consequences are if he drinks the water.
A portion of the cost to create this film is carried by the makers themselves and the remainder they hope to pick up through crowdfunding. Supporters receive commensurate premiums. To support this project and for more information, please visit (Mostly Dutch language).
  - Posted 23 January 2015
Starting 9 March 2014 Dutch passports for adults will be issued with 10 year validity. For those younger than 18 years, the validity of the passport remains 5 years.
New chancellery fees will also be effective on 9 March 2014:
  • Regular or business passport (validity 10 years, adult) : €131.11
  • Regular or business passport (validity 5 years, minors) : €115.20
  • Emergency passport / Laissez Passer : €46.61
Double/multiple nationality?
You may lose your Dutch nationality (article 15.1.c RWN) if you let a passport with 10 year validity expire and the following is applicable:
  • at the time of issuing of this passport you are of age (18 years or older) and
  • besides the Dutch nationality you possess another nationality and
  • you are not living within the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao or Sint Maarten, nor in one of the countries of the European Union.
You may prevent this from happening by:
  • having a new passport issued before the expiry date of this passport or
  • obtaining a so-called ‘Statement of Possession of Dutch nationality’ before the expiry date of this passport or
  • living within the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao or Sint Maarten, or in one of the countries of the European Union for at least one (1) year before the expiry date of this passport.
For more information, please visit the Dutch Consular Services Validity of the new Dutch passport web page and Dutch passport renewal web page.
- Posted 9 February 2014
Amsterdam Calling Molen Blauw Productions has released twenty weekly episodes of its web series “Amsterdam Calling”. Part travel doc and part real-life vlog, "Amsterdam Calling" takes viewers along with a group of Dutch female students as they visit cool and unusual places in Europe's most fun and charming city. You can experience Amsterdam shopping, bar-hopping, going to music festivals, museums and cultural events.
Meet the girls and watch all the episodes on YouTube...
- Text updated. Originally posted 17 January 2014
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